Smile Foundations

Pizzas, freaking out, lavish spending, movies, chats, huge money, dozing, etc. does not personify a youngster. If you agree to this, then you have landed at the right place.

Do you wish to disprove the opinion the world has about you? Do you wish to give a new dimension to your life as well as others?

Basically, none of us are purposely getting busy in life. It is just that the situation makes us feel that we are busy. But if we know how to prioritize things and manage our time, we could make wonders. If you have some time to afford for a good cause and uplift this society in every sphere, here we are presenting a means to it.

I was complaining that I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet!

Only when we get into the deeper and darker depth of everyone’s life we can realize how blessed we are. But we can make an effort and provide a better living for people who really are in need of it.

We proudly present to you, our NGO, SMILE FOUNDATIONS.


On a fine day, a few of us were sitting with the teacups, planning to go for a movie, it is then this idea struck us.

Seeds of imagination grew into a big tree of ideas. Started it as a 6 member group which extended to over 1500 members at present. Many people might come up with similar ideas, but the boldness and courage required to bring it in action, makes us special and distinct.

A dawn which is silent initially, changes into a stormy morning eventually; totally unexpected. Our life has more predictable events, which the future has to unfold.

A pride of lions bravely gave birth to one such idea, to serve and uplift the colors of this society. A SMILE IS THE UNIVERSAL SERVICE, as our motto says.

On January 21, 2011, a group of first-year students from various colleges joined hands together to form this NGO, “SMILE FOUNDATIONS”.

Everyone in this world wishes to serve their society. But often we fail to recognize how to serve. I strongly believe smile foundations is one of the best platforms to create a difference to our society! The smiles that we have spread is the proof for our platform!

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